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Marvel Movie Minute Season Six • The Avengers • Minute 116

The Sad, Big Ol’ Slug Slave

Minute One Hundred Sixteen: From Tony Complaining About the Lack of Invitation From Thor to Nat Asking for a Boost

Mike Gravagno from The Superhero Show Show and Movie of the Year joins us in this episode!

In the one-hundred-sixteenth minute of The Avengers

Tony’s upset that Thor didn’t invite him to play, but why isn’t Tony more concerned about, you know, helping non-supers, like Natasha and Clint, or perhaps actual New York citizens? Well, we all really know that he’s in it for the great stories he’ll be able to tell later, right?

We also get to deal with the leviathan, which for some reason now decides it’s going to fly through a building. But is it? We ponder the existence of these creatures, wondering if they’re really gentle giants like whale sharks forced to do the bidding of the Chitauri, perhaps even controlled by someone on board their mother ship. Perhaps all it’s wanting is for someone to help it. Unfortunately, Hulk doesn’t care. (He also doesn’t care about anyone working in this building or who will have to repair it.) He leaps onto the leviathan and then… somehow pulls it off course. We try to figure out how this happens. Can Hulk change mass?

We end the conversation talking about Natasha taking on the Chitauri on her own and being exhausted from it, yet still pushing forward. We love that about her. We’re not as much fans of her Black Widow’s Bite, wishing she were given more opportunities to do interesting things with it. Still, she does get to end the minute with the decision to get boosted up by Steve – pretty badass. Tune in!

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Andy Nelson and Pete Wright reach the first team-up movie in the MCU: Marvel’s The Avengers, and they’re taking it apart one blue-beamed minute at a time.