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Marvel Movie Minute season 4 episode 35: Thor minute 35: Will Jane find her spaceman?

Thor 035: Will Jane Find Her Spaceman?

Minute Thirty-Five: From a Missing Constellation to a Missing Patient

‘Jovial’ Jay Shepard from MCU: Location Scout!‘Jovial’ Jay Shepard joins us for the last time to discuss Jane, Erik and Darcy realizing that Thor is basically a spaceman, as well as Thor’s escape from the hospital.

In the thirty-fifth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Jane and Erik continue their conversation about how our constellations are missing and seem to have been replaced with different constellations. They’re getting closer – but aren’t there quite yet – to realizing that Thor is a spaceman.
  • Darcy calls them over to point out the obvious-to-us but apparently-not-obvious-to-them-until-just-this-moment shape of a man in the atmospheric disturbance. Jane realizes finally that the man they hit with the Pinzgauer is, in fact, a spaceman.
  • But how do they get photos of the stars during the atmospheric disturbance? It’s awfully bright.
  • Regardless, we love how Branagh and his editors chose to edit from the shot of the shape of a man in the sky to the overhead shot of Thor strapped to the bed.

Meanwhile, back with the other spaceman and his wife in Asgard.

  • Odin fumes on his balcony. Frigga enters, upset that Odin’s banished her son. She’s Frigga’n furious.
  • Again, Anthony Hopkins just rules in this role.
  • Rene Russo delivers a great accent that doesn’t distract at all.
  • Their age difference does distract a bit though.
  • We look at Odin’s armor. He only has four discs on his. Does that change our thoughts about these as rankings?
  • Odin says Thor pushed them to the brink of war. Was he not there when Laufey pretty much said war has begun?
  • And Frigga references mortals again. So are they immortal?
  • This scene largely feels superfluous so we’re glad they cut it. Plus, it wouldn’t allow for the fantastic transition from the last scene to the next one.

And we now find our spaceman tied to a hospital bed.

  • Did you notice the red crocs at the end of his bed?
  • Chris Hemsworth handles his bewilderment at his lack of strength perfectly. This is why he’s perfect for this role.
  • But damn those eyebrows! They practically disappear on his face in this location!
  • #theeyebrowcut. We want it, Feige!
  • Thor’s yellow wristband says he’s a fall risk. Would something else have made more sense?
  • We couldn’t figure out the information on his wristband other than his name. Maybe his age? Are they estimating him to be 38 years old?
  • Thor can’t break out so he slips his hand out. This feels like a move he would have pulled from his brother Loki. WWLD?

Gotta get that spaceman!

  • Jane, Erik and Darcy run back into the hospital to find Thor, now that they know he’s essentially a spaceman.
  • Nurse Rob and Nurse Terry talk to security about what happened the night before. Erik realizes what this means and they put it in high gear.
  • Unfortunately, all they find is an empty hospital bed.

We have a great chat about Jane’s spaceman in this minute. Tune in!

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