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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 45: Myeu-muh? What's Myeu-muh?

Thor 045: Myeu-muh? What’s Myeu-muh?

Minute Forty-Five: From An Offer for Jane to A Kiss for Jane

Austin TichenorJoining us on the show to discuss Thor’s offer, Erik’s warning, Jane’s giggles, and Darcy’s ‘myeu-muh’ is Austin Tichenor, creator of The Shakespeareance, co-artistic director of The Reduced Shakespeare Company and producer & host of the Reduced Shakespeare Company Podcast.

In the forty-fifth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • We talk about how Thor finally seems to notice that these Midgardians around him want something and if he strikes a deal with them, he could get what he want.
  • He also seems to notice Jane’s desire for him but ignores Erik’s suspicion. That’s interesting that he never pushes back against Erik.
  • Is it that Jane’s just dazzled? Or is Erik feeling that his childhood myth couldn’t actually have come to life?
  • There is certainly a paternalistic nature to Erik here as well, as far as the professorial care he shows.
  • What’s great about how grounded the film works to make Thor seem and how great Erik’s heritage plays opposite that.
  • Meanwhile, Darcy’s attempt at saying Mjølnir – myeu-muh – cracks us up to no end. And then Erik says Mjølnir and it sounds perfect.
  • But it’s not myeu-muh.
  • Matthew references Gilbert & Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance and the romance as it comes to Jane’s fascination with Thor.
  • Is Thor eavesdropping when Erik pulls Jane aside to warn her? It’s hard to tell.
  • What does Thor think is going to happen when he finds Myeu-muh?

Thor says his goodbyes to go find Myeu-muh as Jane acknowledges Erik’s warnings.

  • We love how Thor continues to act in unexpected ways, whether it’s smashing mugs or giving a genuine goodbye kiss.
  • Thor is present. He’s genuine. He pays incredible attention. His active listening is great. It’s amazing how well that works.
  • But why does he ignore Darcy when he says goodbye? Is it just that he’s so taken with Jane? Maybe he sees Darcy like a servant? Or that he called his hammer Myeu-muh?
  • No matter how you slice it, the Shakespearean parallels are all through this minute and this entire film. It’s a thrill and clearly, Branagh knows what he’s doing.

Thor’s genuine, Jane’s flustered, Erik’s hesitant, and Darcy’s confused about ‘myeu-muh.’ Tune in!

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