Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 45: Myeu-muh? What's Myeu-muh?

Thor 045: Myeu-muh? What’s Myeu-muh?

In this minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film ‘Thor,’ Thor offers to tell Jane all he knows in exchange for a ride, but Erik warns her that he’s delusional and dangerous. She turns Thor down, so Thor says farewell and kisses Jane’s hand, which makes her flustered. Austin Tichenor from the Reduced Shakespeare Company Podcast joins us all this week!

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Minute Forty-Five: From An Offer for Jane to A Kiss for Jane

Austin TichenorJoining us on the show to discuss Thor’s offer, Erik’s warning, Jane’s giggles, and Darcy’s ‘myeu-muh’ is Austin Tichenor, creator of The Shakespeareance, co-artistic director of The Reduced Shakespeare Company and producer & host of the Reduced Shakespeare Company Podcast.

In the forty-fifth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • We talk about how Thor finally seems to notice that these Midgardians around him want something and if he strikes a deal with them, he could get what he want.
  • He also seems to notice Jane’s desire for him but ignores Erik’s suspicion. That’s interesting that he never pushes back against Erik.
  • Is it that Jane’s just dazzled? Or is Erik feeling that his childhood myth couldn’t actually have come to life?
  • There is certainly a paternalistic nature to Erik here as well, as far as the professorial care he shows.
  • What’s great about how grounded the film works to make Thor seem and how great Erik’s heritage plays opposite that.
  • Meanwhile, Darcy’s attempt at saying Mjølnir – myeu-muh – cracks us up to no end. And then Erik says Mjølnir and it sounds perfect.
  • But it’s not myeu-muh.
  • Matthew references Gilbert & Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance and the romance as it comes to Jane’s fascination with Thor.
  • Is Thor eavesdropping when Erik pulls Jane aside to warn her? It’s hard to tell.
  • What does Thor think is going to happen when he finds Myeu-muh?

Thor says his goodbyes to go find Myeu-muh as Jane acknowledges Erik’s warnings.

  • We love how Thor continues to act in unexpected ways, whether it’s smashing mugs or giving a genuine goodbye kiss.
  • Thor is present. He’s genuine. He pays incredible attention. His active listening is great. It’s amazing how well that works.
  • But why does he ignore Darcy when he says goodbye? Is it just that he’s so taken with Jane? Maybe he sees Darcy like a servant? Or that he called his hammer Myeu-muh?
  • No matter how you slice it, the Shakespearean parallels are all through this minute and this entire film. It’s a thrill and clearly, Branagh knows what he’s doing.

Thor’s genuine, Jane’s flustered, Erik’s hesitant, and Darcy’s confused about ‘myeu-muh.’ Tune in!

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