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Where Will This Year Take You? Welcome to Season 9

The headlines say it all. We’re living in complicated times. As threats to our economy, democracy, public health, humanity, and the planet all converge, how in the world are we as leaders meant to navigate through it?

Will you do right by your public commitments to DEI or walk them back? Will you lead through your values or your bottom line? Will you stand by while the world changes, or will you be the change?

Hey, I’m Carrie Fox, host of the Mission Forward podcast and a firm believer in the power of communications as a force for good.

Whether you’re working to address climate change or public health, DEI, or AI, communications matters. Courage, care, and civility matter, too. How you practice those three C’s will directly affect your future, too.

On this 9th season of Mission Forward, we’ll introduce you to a host of global thought leaders who will share their take on this consequential year and how they navigate the issues ahead. We hope you’ll come along because there’s too much ahead to navigate alone, particularly as the headlines are breaking all around you.

We’ll see you on February 29th for our first episode of Season 9.

This season, we are taking you on a journey to meet ten people influencing and shaping how we communicate at scale for social change. From advertising executives to coalition directors, news editors, campaign managers, and authors, they’re all people who are shaping and challenging the deep power of communication. If you’re working to become a more inclusive and thoughtful communicator, there’s nothing holding you back—except you.
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