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Regenerative Agriculture and the Future of Business as a Force for Good with Ryan Pintado-Vertner

We are what we eat. It’s an axiom. We take it as a great truth that the better the food we take on to fuel our human engines, the better those engines shall hum. Our guest this week asks us to both embrace that truth and expand it one further: we are what our food eats.

This is just one of the core principles of regenerative agriculture, a practice celebrated by our guest today. Ryan Pintado-Vertner is an activist and a strategic marketing impact expert who helps purpose-driven founders, CEOs, and their teams stay true to their mission through thoughtful marketing and business growth strategies. Ryan has also spent a good part of his career working in natural foods and consumer packaged goods and works at the intersection of what we consume and how that consumption affects our planet and our bodies.

Ryan is also a noted enthusiast for the transformative potential of regenerative agriculture. Far from a niche concept, regenerative practices offer a powerful trifecta of benefits: sequestering carbon to combat climate change, producing more nutritious food, and fostering healthier ecosystems.

As Ryan explains, the health of the soil is the cornerstone that enables plants to convey the best nutrient benefits to both humans and animals. He illuminates how regenerative agriculture’s focus on building healthy soil can allow agriculture to become a net negative contributor to atmospheric carbon. While still in the early stages, hundreds of organizations worldwide are pioneering regenerative practices at various scales.

However, regenerative agriculture is about more than just farming techniques. Ryan emphasizes how it represents a broader approach to life and relationships, one that honors the sacredness of every part of the ecosystem. Embracing regenerative principles means adding value rather than extracting it and recognizing that diversity is inherently essential for any system to thrive.

As awareness of regenerative agriculture grows, it has the potential to not only heal our planet and nourish our bodies, but to profoundly reshape how we relate to one another and the natural world we inhabit. This week’s show invites each of us to plant the seeds of a regenerative future, one nutrient-rich carrot at a time. Our great thanks to Ryan for joining us this week on Mission Forward.

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