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NBOA: 25 Years! A Conversation with President and CEO Jeff Shields

NBOA President and CEO, Jeff Shields, joins Howard Teibel for a conversation on indepenent school business, finance, and operations, all in preparation for the association’s 25 Anniversary Celebration in Los Angeles, February 19-22.

What’s top-of-mind for business officers coming out of the pandemic after three years? How are finance professionals addressing the ongoing financial issues pre-K-12 independent schools will face in the future? All this and a preview of the broad array of speakers, guests, and presenters coming to LA next month.

Learn more and register now for the 2023 NBOA Annual Meeting & Business Solutions Showcase.

  • (00:00) – Welcome to Navigating Change
  • (01:36) – 25 Years of NBOA
  • (05:32) – About the Keynote Speakers
  • (12:55) – Themes for the Industry 2023

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