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Elevating Our Game at NBOA’s 2022 Annual Meeting

Unbeknownst to us in February 2020, we were about to go into a certain kind of hibernation, one forced on us by the circumstances of our time. Two years into this, we may be seeing the beginning of the light at the end of the tunnel – learning how to live with this global pandemic and bring back the kind of social connection we value and need.

Jeff Shields, CEO of the National Business Officers Association and Howard Teibel turn their attention to looking forward in anticipation of the upcoming NBOA Annual Meeting to be held in Chicago this February. The theme this year – Elevate! A call to step up our game and bring into our work what we’ve learned these past two years.

You can also join Howard at the conference in his talk with Taylor Hastrich from FAEF in an experiential session to elevate Strategic Thinking as a Business Officer.

To learn more about this conference or register for the event, visit NBOA.

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