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Creativity at a Crossroads: the CAO/CBO Partnership at University of Colorado

We often talk about the power of a strong partnership between the chief academic and business officers in driving institutional change. Today, we’re talking with two individuals who demonstrate the practical success that comes from just this sort of partnership, as their institution is truly tested with a change in their fundamental economic reality.

Faced with declines in state funding leading the nation, University of Colorado has been forced to develop innovative solutions that allow the institution to maintain its position as a leading research institution, while maintain affordability for its students. Doing so has required a best in class partnership between Senior Vice Chancellor and CFO, Kelly Fox, and Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Russell Moore.

Kelly and Russ will join Howard Teibel at the NACUBO Annual Meeting next month in Nashville to share their presentation, “Collaborating for Impact: The CBO/CAO Partnership in Practice.” Today on the show, they share the background of their story, and the core principles that drive their partnership, and conditions for change at University of Colorado at Boulder.

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