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The Mentorship Mindset and Leveraging Hidden Resources with Nuno Couto

Nuno Couto lives and works from his RV. In his work as a consultant and project manager in higher education, his ultra-mobile command center has become a central component to leading change through his firm, Optimal Partners.

This week on Navigating Change, Nuno joins Gail Gregory and Pete Wright for a conversation around improved business models in higher education. It’s a discussion around the power of education, and how we as providers can thoroughly engage all stakeholders in the equation. We discuss the “Mentorship Mentality,” the challenges that face business officers in leveraging all their most creative assets in solving their most difficult challenges. 

Nuno’s work as a social entrepreneur and community leader make him a terrific resource to spearhead an important conversation around creativity and inspiration, and how we are all working to build stronger, more vital higher education institutions today, to meet the needs of the community — and economy — of tomorrow.

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