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EACUBO’s Lynne Schaefer on Strategic Conversations and Leading Change at the 2015 Annual Meeting

Next month, eastern business officers and university representatives decend on Philadelphia for EACUBO’s 2015 Annual Meeting. Howard Teibel will be there, this year joining incoming EACUBO chair Lynne Schaefer hosting a conversation on Facilitating Strategic Conversations. How do you engage your team to take on complex projects? How do you rally around objectives that are handed down to you? How do you adjust your course when you realize your group is mired in old thinking? This week on the show, Lynne joins us for a conversation on all this and more as we gear up for another terrific conference.

The EACUBO 2015 Annual Meeting takes place October 11–14, 2015 at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown. For more information, visit

About Lynne Schaefer

Lynne Schaefer is vice president for finance and administration at University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and currently serves as EACUBO vice chair.

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