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The Toughest Job — NACUBO 2016 Student Financial Services Conference

When we talk about good customer service in higher education, what does that mean? Do your teams recoil at the word ‘customer’? Is there a shared interest in delivering quality service across the institution? If any of these questions are challenging for you to answer, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

This week on Navigating Change, Howard Teibel shares his insights in working with teams to embrace service across the institution. What does it take to bring a service mindset to your team? How do you help your team to better understand the audience you serve? Better still, how do you create a powerful movement for change — from those who work directly with your students, to those up and beyond your team?

Later this month, Howard will deliver Managing Up and Out at the NACUBO 2016 Student Financial Services conference. This presentation is focused on the intricacies of managing relationships beyond direct reports, with supervisors and peers across departments, all in an effort to build smart strategic relationships and serve our most important audience: our students.

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