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Uncovering the Unknown Unknowns — A Systematic Approach to Institutional Risk Management with Janice Abraham

Risk mitigation is not new, says our guest. “But it’s also not easy.” And Janice Abraham should know. As CEO of United Educators, a premier risk management and liability insurance company in higher education, Abraham spends her days leading the charge in helping more than 1,300 academic institutions to think of both the upside and downside of all potential horizons. Within the context of academic structures, a robust discussion of risk today must include not just cooperation between academics and administration, but collaboration in preparing for risk scenarios. To what extent is this sort of interaction taking place in best in class institutions today? How far do forward-thinking boards need to go to be involved in risk strategy? These questions and more are on the table in this wide ranging conversation with our very special guest, Janice Abraham.

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About Janice Abraham

Janice Menke Abraham joined United Educators (UE) as president and CEO in 1998. During her tenure, UE has become known as the premier risk management and liability insurance company serving educational institutions; more than 1,300 schools, colleges, and universities rely on UE’s education-specific expertise. UE has been recognized by Ward’s 50 as one of the top performers in the property-casualty insurance industry.

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