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“A Voice, a Vote, or a Veto” — A Human Approach to Shared Governance

Howard Teibel’s latest feature, “A Voice, a Vote, or a Veto,” hits the pages of the June issue of NACUBO Business Officer Magazine. It’s an approach to shared governance you might not be hearing right now, not focusing on rules, regulations, or fiduciary responsibility, rather addressing the human dynamic of shared governance and how developing your institutional skill in collaboration fosters balance and growth across academic, administration and board leadership. Our conversation today serves as both a preview, and a roadmap of three key concepts that will help you and your administrative and academic units to approach shared governance with a keen eye on the objectives you seek to achieve. 

Special thanks to Dorothy Bassett who assisted in research and crafting this article. It will appear in the print edition of the magazine for one month before release online. We’ll replace the link as soon as it is available. 

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