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Breaking the Curse of the Self-Delusion with Bentley’s Gloria Larson

Bentley President Gloria Larson is back this week to continue our conversation on hybrid learning, the work she and her team are leading at Bentley, and lessons from her book, Prepared U: How Innovative Colleges Drive Student Success. If you missed last week’s episode, you can start here.

Our premise today is this: Knowledge is no longer what our students are counting on us to deliver. Knowledge is everywhere, around every corner, and on every phone, tablet, and laptop. Today, says Larson, employers are asking how adept graduates are at making connections across disciplines, how savvy they are at solving problems. But the existing model for delivery of education may not yet be completely broken. So how do institutions motivate themselves to change in the face of deeply ingrained habits and centuries of belief in how Education is to be delivered?

Bentley is working to challenge those assumptions and become a true leader in the push to deliver a hybrid education, along with a keen eye on graduate employment. President Larson’s insights today are invaluable as inspiration as we seek to make change in our own institutions.

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