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Thinking with your heart, feeling with your brain — Sustainability in Higher Education with Gil Friend

As a leader in higher education, you’ve undoubtedly been involved in sustainability projects across your institution. From recycling services to new architecture and design, we’re doing our best to adapt to a new sustainability orientation. But these practical applications, while noble, may not be sufficient to lead to universal, long-term, established change.

It’s not easy to learn how to have these provocative conversations, let alone learn how to lead them. Our guest this week occupies a unique leadership position in the field of sustainability and brings a perspective that can help us change the way we take part in sustainable leadership.

Gil Friend is a systems ecologist and business strategist with more than 40 years experience in business, communications, and environmental innovation. He’s one of the very founders of the sustainability movement, in fact, and was one of five inaugural members of the sustainability hall of fame of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals. According to the Guardian, “he’s one of the 10 most influential sustainability voices in America.”

Gil helps us to lead from a new perspective, to open a community to take part in a larger conversation, to think with your heart, and feel with your brain.

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