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The 60-Year Curriculum with Rovy Branon

Our guest is working to develop the 60-year curriculum, one with an eye toward a lifetime of education.

Rovy Branon serves as Vice Provost for Continuum College at University of Washington. When you are a learner at Continuum College, you are taking part in one of the most aggressively innovative programs dedicated to bringing education to non-traditional students. Branon and his team are part of a dynamic shift in how we think about education well beyond the traditional student. 

This week, Rovy joins Howard Teibel to share the story of Continuum College, and how their work is shaped by re-evaluating how we learn…throughout our life.

Links & Notes

  • (00:00) – Welcome to Navigating Change
  • (02:37) – Introducing Rovy Branon
  • (04:30) – Exploring the “new” traditional learner
  • (07:21) – Creating pathways for learning
  • (09:17) – The 5 Strategic Areas for Development
  • (25:05) – Broaden credentialing offerings
  • (31:36) – Preparing learners to learn
  • (35:07) – Emerging challenges in the coming year — Digital credentialling

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