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What If? Scenario Planning in times of deep change with Bryan Alexander

Many of us listen to podcasts in moments of leisure or capacity to separate from work. Sometimes a topic comes along that is central to what we’re facing right now.

This week, we are very fortunate to have educator and futurist Bryan Alexander joining us for a conversation around scenario planning in the era of COVID-19. Bryan recently has been a leader in a crowdsourced operation to document the impact of the pandemic on higher education and discusses approaches to scenario planning along with the pitfalls institutions may experience along the way.   

Please share this episode with colleagues who would benefit from strategies in scenario planning. 

As always, feel free to reach out to the Teibel Education team to discuss further.

Links & Notes

  • (01:05) – Welcome to Navigating Change
  • (01:51) – Introducing Bryan Alexander
  • (02:27) – Bryan breaks Google
  • (04:54) – What can we learn from the data?
  • (08:23) – Scenario Planning
  • (16:05) – Three possible pandemic scenarios
  • (20:58) – Pitfalls
  • (29:12) – The Queen Sacrifice Part II
  • (33:30) – Mood
  • (37:17) – Reasons for optimism?

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