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Balancing Culture and Innovation at Chautauqua with Deborah Sunya Moore

Taking on new challenges forces us to re-evaluate existing processes in new ways. This shake-up can introduce discomfort and confusion, par for the course in a change initiative, ultimately all for the reward of greater efficiency, productivity, and affinity. These challenges are magnified when your institution boasts a legacy over 100 years strong. Our guest, Deborah Sunya Moore, serves as associate director of programming with The Chautauqua Institution, an arts and education community in New York on a consistent march to balance innovation and change with the expectations of guests who have been attending Chautauqua for generations. This week on the show, Deborah Sunya Moore joins Howard Teibel and Pete Wright to share how the Chautauqua Institution balances change with culture year after year.

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Join Howard Teibel and guests as they dissect issues facing institutions and teams in transition and offer solutions for the most troubling process challenges.

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