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How to get the most out of the NACUBO 2014 Annual Meeting

We’re gearing up for the NACUBO 2014 Annual Meeting in Seattle coming July 19-22. As usual, the NACUBO team has built an incredible catalog of events and learning opportunities and we’re trilled to be a presenting part of it. This week on the show, Howard Teibel and Pete Wright walk through the key strengths of the event, from developing new business officers and helping to cultivate a culture of collaboration across campuses, to their leading voice in public policy around higher eduction.

This year, Howard will be co-facilitating a presentation on strategic communication with past Navigating Change guests Kelly Fox and Greg Lovins. Together, they’ll lead a discussion on the power of not only sharing a deep understanding of complex financial information, but sharing that information with campus stakeholders in a way that drives strategy across the institution.

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