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AGB President Rick Legon on Board Leadership, Adaptability in the Face of Tectonic Change in Higher Ed

The 2015 National Conference on Trusteeship from the Association of Governing Boards is coming up April 19-21in Phoenix and this year’s event promises a rich line-up of leaders and board members tackling the biggest issues facing higher ed institutions around the world. Howard Teibel is on the docket this year, joining the list of facilitators for the Leadership Institute for Board Leaders and Executives the day before the main session, April 18.

We’re thrilled to welcome AGB President Rick Legon to the show this week. Rick has served as AGB President since 2006. This week, he shares his keen insights in the challenges facing board leadership in today’s institutions, and how the Conference on Trusteeship serves to align leaders to face them. How do we maintain an affordable education while ensuring the highest quality? How do we address the glass ceiling of tuition revenue in supporting the institution? How do we adapt to the changing relationship between state and federal regulation and the education experience? This is a wide-ranging conversation that dives into the fundamental question: how do we frame the board’s role as one critical piece of the institutional leadership puzzle?

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