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Governance — Finding Balance Between the Board and Administration with St. Edward’s President George Martin

The university board has an opporunity to help guide the strategy of the institution. But striking the right balance between engagement and over-involvement in leadership can be a challenge.

From his perspective — and his 16-year tenure as president of St. Edward’s University — Dr. George Martin has cultivated a reputation of leadership and balanced communication with the board of his institution. This week on the show, Dr. Martin shares the critical importance of developing a discipline of strategic planning, creating a culture of leadership that is always asking: “How is what we are doing now contributing to the strategic plan of the university.

Beyond the board relationship, Dr. Martin shares his perspective on the value of shared governance. “It’s a huge resource,” he says, “it allows you to take advantage of the tremendous minds and intellectual power that is on your faculty and to use that for advancing the university.”

This week on Navigating Change, Howard Teibel and Pete Wright investigate the careful balance between the board and the president in protecting, growing their institutions.

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