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The Story of UMass Lowell — Change, Agility, and Growth with Joanne Yestramski & Lauren Turner

Teibel, Inc. has been working with UMass Lowell as part of the institution’s strategic planning process. Today on the show, we’re going to dive deeper into the project with our special guests from UML, Joanne Yestramski and Lauren Turner. The work of their teams across the institution has served to cement a culture of organizational agility in this challenging education market, and has fostered year over year growth in quality education, service, and enrollment. Joanne and Lauren join Gail Gregory and Pete Wright for a the story of UMass Lowell, from a massive shake-up in top leadership, to a culture of sustained growth and progress.

Our conversation today is a prelude to their presentation next week at the EACUBO Annual Workshop in Washington DC. Join Gail, Joanne, and Lauren as they showcase their work, and the evolving UMass Lowell organizational structure that has served them so well.

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