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Rob McKenzie

Discworld: The Watch

Do you enjoy your medieval satire with a dose of laughter, served alongside incisive social commentary? Eager to understand what this Discworld thing is that everyone seems to be talking about? Interested in Sam Vimes’s Boots Theory of Socioeconomic Unfairness? Rob McKenzie joins me to unpack Discworld, with a special emphasis on The Watch sequence of books.

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Robots & Ethics & AI … Oh My!

Time to delve into the realm of robots! Our discussion ignited with a Micro SF quote, which segued into a broader conversation about AI and its implications in our current world.

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The TV show Severance presents a provocative premise: the ability to switch off your work self from your personal self, creating a distinct identity solely for the office. Would you opt for such a separation if you had the choice? And if so, would this work-specific persona have its own autonomy and rights? Can consciousness truly be severed from the body?

Rob McKenzie joins the conversation to unravel these philosophical and ethical questions posed by the show. Whether you’re new to Severance or have revisited the series multiple times, this episode offers a thorough walk-through designed to enlighten both first-time viewers and seasoned fans.

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WarGames and the Ethics of AI

In our ongoing series on the ethics of artificial intelligence, we take a deep dive into the classic film WarGames. We explore the intersections of game theory, machine learning, and the moral implications of approaching warfare through the lens of gaming. Join us as we navigate the complex terrain where technology, strategy, and ethical considerations collide.

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Ethical Robot Overlords: The Matrix and AI

Could Karl Marx have been viewed as a science fiction visionary? As the realm of artificial intelligence continues to expand, do we greet the future with open arms or a sense of dread? And will we ever manage to delve into The Matrix within this conversation? Join me, Dan McCreary, and Rob McKenzie as we navigate the ethical considerations of AI.

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The Jedi Need an HR Department

Could the Jedi have been saved? Was their downfall inherent in their structure, their rules, their repression? Did Anakin just need a good HR officer to take his complaints to? Rob and Jonah join me to talk about the fall of the Jedi, and how we might have rebuilt the order.

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SWUP Legends and Canon

What exactly are the Legends books, and why do they ignite such fervent passion among Star Wars fans? What transpired when Disney acquired the franchise, and what caused some

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Is Starfleet a Military?

Rob McKenzie rejoins us to explore these dilemmas within the universes of Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, and other sci-fi franchises.

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Copies and Clones and Questions, Oh My!

Are you legally responsible for the actions of your clone? What truly defines the self, and is it possible to upload or copy one’s consciousness? Rob McKenzie joins me for a deep dive into the realm of science fiction to explore the perplexing questions that arise from the concept of digitized consciousness.

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