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Book Club • Star Wars Thrawn Series

Can decent people serve in the Imperial Military? What happens when Grand Admiral Thrawn spends time with Anakin Skywalker, and then Darth Vader, many years later? And has Timothy Zahn become too enamored with his own character, forgetting that he is supposed to be a villain? Rob McKenzie gets into these questions and more as we discuss the Star Wars: Thrawn series—the first canon trilogy focused on the fan-favorite Thrawn.

A millennial, Gen Z’er, and Gen X’er walk into a cantina …

Each of us came into Star Wars in our own way, at our own time, and there is so much we can learn from each other when those differences fuel conversation, not conflict. Join Erin, Matthew, and Alex as we share our love for the galaxy far, far away on the Star Wars Generations Podcast!