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Marla Spadafora on the Changing Face of Floor Nursing

From new technologies in the hospital to sicker patients, floor nurses need to be ready to face broader challenges each and every day. This week on the show, Marla Spadafora joins Pete Wright to talk about the evolution of the floor nurse as a profession over the last decade, and shares background of her new Floor Nursing Fundamentals course designed for nurses getting back into the field.

The Institute for Health Professionals podcast from Portland Community College is a showcase for expertise in the field of health care in our community, our region, and around the world. From traditional healthcare topics to alternative medicine and trends, our team of faculty will share what's hot, what's not, and how you can get ahead in health with IHP. This show ran from 2011-2013 on the RashPixelFM (now TruStory FM) Podcast Network and is now retired.

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