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Myalynn Morales: Embodying the Public Prep Core Principles

At Public Prep, we help scholars see the possibilities for themselves, and prepare every scholar to achieve their highest level of success. Our scholars and staff members are guided by our four core values of Scholarship, Excellence, Community, and Integrity

It is because of our strong belief in those core values that we’re so proud to introduce you to today’s guest. Myalynn Morales attended Public Prep from her first grade year. Today, she attends Brooklyn Emerging Leaders Academy, and a picture-perfect demonstration of just how far the Public Prep experience will take you. Welcome to Public Prep.

We'd like to introduce you to graduates of our Girls Prep Academy who each demonstrate the power and promise of a Public Prep scholar. Their stories are incredible.

Public Prep is an award-winning network of charter schools across Manhattan and the Bronx and the nation’s first non-profit tuition-free charter school network that develops exceptional pre-K and single-gender elementary and middle public schools.

Stay tuned for a series of conversations with our scholars as we reflect on their Public Prep experience with inspiring, motivating, and joyful stories of success and resilience.

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