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Brewing a purpose with AB InBev

AB InBev exists to do a lot more than brew your favorite beers. The company’s purpose — to bring people together for a better world for the next 100+ years — comes to life in more ways than we could cover in one episode. Yet it is grounded in a very simple idea: that culture defines the company. 

Pablo Jimenez, AB InBev’s Global Vice President, Reputation & Communications, joined Purpose 360 to unpack the company’s “Dream. People. Culture.” approach to bringing people together for a better world. This guides initiatives like Budweiser’s commitment to use entirely renewable energy by 2025 (a bold goal given that 41 million Budweisers are sold daily around the world), Stella Artois’ partnership with, programs to enforce safe drinking habits, and much more.

We invite you to crack open one of AB InBev’s 500 beer brands and listen for Pablo’s insights on:

  • How a simple question – “What would the world miss if your company didn’t exist?” – inspired CEO Carlos Brito to bring the company together for soul-searching, and ultimately, to develop AB InBev’s purpose. 
  • How to create hyper-local connections and be part of the solution in culturally diverse markets while maintaining an overarching global vision and purpose.
  • Why purpose must be a long-standing commitment, and how AB InBev’s 10 principles and focus on ownership is helping the company look to the next 100 years.


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