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Mobilizing the Next Generation with DoSomething

As the name suggests, DoSomething exists to give young people the inspiration, tools, and power to make change. DoSomething is the largest not-for-profit organization exclusively for young people and social change, with a community that spans every U.S. area code and more than 130 countries. 

From voter registration and clothing donations to celebrating pride and neighborhood cleanups, DoSomething is a digital platform that allows any young person to catalyze IRL (in real life) change.

Aria Finger, CEO of DoSomething, joined Purpose 360 to talk about the importance of giving youth the capabilities to create change, and how brands can better connect with and empower Gen Zers. Listen for Aria’s insights on:

Why DoSomething’s youth-led approach to change is so empowering, and how the organization creates community around critical social issues
The social issues that resonate with young people today and how brands can support them authentically
Myths and keen insights surrounding how to connect with Gen Z–start from a place of service and know that this is a highly diverse generation

Links & Notes

  • 00:00 – Welcome to P360. What’s your purpose?
  • 01:40 – By the Numbers
  • 02:22 – Introducing Aria Finger and
  • 06:42 – Why is the youth-led movement important?
  • 08:13 – How does the platform work?
  • 12:56 – What are the most important issues to Gen Z today?
  • 19:03 – Should a brand take a stand?
  • 20:43 – Is volunteerism inspired by action?
  • 25:01 – DoSomething Strategic
  • 26:23 – What do corporations need?
  • 27:51 – How do you engage your team?
  • 32:14 – Who’s doing the best job of engaging Gen Z?
  • 34:23 – Measurement
  • 38:29 – What’s next?
  • 39:23 – Internal activation
  • 40:49 – Three Insights
  • 42:22 – The Greta Factor

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