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BBMG is on a Mission to Make Sustainable Living Desirable to All

BBMG was founded on the idea that branding can be a force for transformation for people and society. In the 16 years since launch, BBMG has shifted the way consumers and industry views brands: not as transactional entities, but human-centered connectors between business and people.

Raphael Bemporad, BBMG’s founding partner, joined Purpose 360 to explore insights from The Pull Factor Project, which BBMG released this fall with Sustainable Brands. The Pull Factor is aimed at helping marketers make sustainable living desirable to the masses, and includes actionable tools for brand leaders and marketers to “design communications that drive business growth while shaping a culture of sustainable living.”

Listen for Raphael’s insights on:

• How to define brand challenges, discover human factors, identify drivers of behaviors, and pilot and implement best practices

• The cultural shifts and emerging social issues shaping the role of business in society

• Nine core behaviors that brands can focus on to drive change for people and planet


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The Pull Factor Project


Raphael Bemporad on LinkedIn

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