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Cox Enterprises Puts People and Purpose First

Cox Enterprises, parent company of Cox Communications (the nation’s third-largest cable company) and Cox Automotive (owner of well-known consumer brands like Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book) has a powerful, deeply-integrated purpose. As a company founded on hard work, respect for employees, and a penchant for bold decisions, Cox exists to “empower people today to build a better future for the next generation.” How the enterprise brings that North Star to life is incredible.

To talk about how purpose guides Cox Enterprises, we welcomed to the show Maury Wolfe, AVP Corporate Responsibility and Public Affairs, and Bob Jimenez, SVP Corporate Affairs. Listen for Maury and Bob’s insights on:

  • Why Cox considers employees its most important resource, and how the company empowers them to live, iterate, and build on purpose to embed it in organizational DNA
  • How Cox Conserves, the company’s decade-plus national sustainability program, empowers the company, its people, and its communities to advance environmental goals and give back in meaningful ways
  • How purpose directs Cox Enterprises’ New Ventures arm, which invests in sustainability-minded companies in cleantech, agriculture, and other emerging sectors

Links & Notes

  • (00:00) – Welcome to Purpose 360
  • (00:45) – Introduction to Cox Enterprises
  • (02:48) – Bob’s and Mauri’s Roles at and Backgrounds with Cox
  • (06:40) – Cox’s Origins and Purpose
  • (14:32) – How the Purpose Influenced Mauri
  • (15:45) – How Cox Uses Purpose to Guide Decision-Making
  • (18:04) – The Numbers
  • (19:14) – Guiding Principles
  • (21:39) – The Evolution of Cox
  • (23:27) – New Ventures
  • (26:05) – Social Impact Ventures
  • (34:58) – In the Know
  • (37:36) – Cox Conserves and Its Evolution
  • (43:14) – Measuring Success in Conservation
  • (46:02) – Wrapping Up Part I

Business is an unlikely hero: a force for good working to solve society’s most pressing challenges, while boosting bottom line. This is social purpose at work. And it’s a dynamic journey.

Purpose 360 is a masterclass in unlocking the potential of social purpose to ignite business and social impact. We illuminate the growing impacts of purpose, from engaging employees and fostering deeper consumer loyalty to inspiring product innovation and increasing market share.

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