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Force for Nature

This Climate Week, the future of our earth is top of mind. But for Restore the Earth Foundation, this is just one week out of the year that the nonprofit dedicates to our planet—starting with restoring 1 million acres in the Mississippi River Basin, known as the North American Amazon.

It’s a huge task, and one that Restore the Earth Foundation can’t tackle alone. The organization’s pioneering model, which leverages the power of multi-billion dollar corporations to fund boots-on-the-ground restoration work, is making a measurable difference on Earth.

In this episode, Restore the Earth Co-founder and Executive Director PJ Marshall joins Purpose 360 to share the story behind her organization’s genesis, and how Restore the Earth is changing the way the private and public sectors work together to support critical environmental projects.

Listen for PJ’s insights on:

  • The significant regional, national, and global impacts of Restore the Earth Foundation’s work in the North American Amazon— such as the potential to reduce the U.S. carbon footprint by 2% and generate more than $12 billion in economic value.
  • How Restore the Earth created the EcoMetrics Model, which accounts for the environmental, social, and economic co-benefits and impacts of Restore the Earth’s reforestation work.
    • This allows the organizations funding Restore the Earth’s efforts to account for the value created by their investments—ensuring stakeholder and shareholder buy-in for these critical reforestation projects.
  • How Restore the Earth has built partnerships and coalitions with organizations like Dow, VMware and U.S. Fish & Wildlife.


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