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Humanity at its Best: NYC Together, Pearl Babies Memories, and HospitalHero

Humanity at its Best shines a light on people and organizations bringing hope and inspiration to the world amid the pandemic. COVID-19 has altered life as we know it. Yet despite uncertainty, fear, and tragedy, there are still stories of good—good deeds, acts of kindness, moments of joy.

Today, conversations exploring the best of our own humanity. Dana Rachlin digs deeper with NYC Together. A story of healing with Pearl’s Memory Babies. And HospitalHero supports healthcare workers with volunteers willing to share homes, meals, and caring.

  • (00:00) – Welcome to Humanity at its Best
  • (00:08) – Dana Rachlin – NYC Together
  • (23:22) – Sandy & Shanon – Pear’s Memory Babies
  • (40:05) – Keith – HospitalHero

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