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To (Mission) Zero and Beyond at Interface with Erin Meezan

Interface has some of the most ambitious climate goals in business, and is achieving them by deeply integrating purpose and sustainability throughout the organization. While Interface may not be a company you’ve heard of, you might step on its products every single day.

Founded by Ray C. Anderson in the 1970s, Interface designs and manufactures modular commercial flooring, including a revolutionary carbon-capturing carpet tile. Long before such innovative products, Interface was a “typical” company with a negative impact on the environment. In 1994, after a customer asked Anderson what his company was doing for the environment, the founder developed a task force to come up with the answer. Since then, Interface has achieved its “Mission Zero” commitment to be net zero by 2020 (and did so a year early) and has embarked on Climate Take Back, an initiative to create a climate “fit for life.”

To talk about Ray’s vision and Interface’s radical journey, we welcomed Erin Meezan, VP and Chief Sustainability Officer, to the show.

Listen for Erin’s insights on:

  • How Interface operationalized Ray’s original vision into strategic initiatives that have transformed the way companies approach sustainability.
  • Why and how Interface engages its supply chain partners in achieving sustainability goals.
  • How purpose-driven products and services can mobilize customers under a shared mission.
  • Transformational lessons learned along Interface’s sustainability journey.

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