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Making More Moments of Goodness at The Hershey Company with Jeff King

The Hershey Company has a distinct purpose of “making moments of goodness. The company’s iconic brands include the much-beloved Reese’s, York, Twizzlers, Good N Plenty, Almond Joy, barkTHINS, and, of course, the Hershey’s chocolate bar. Over a century before social and nutritional concerns came to light in a transparent world, they created the Shared Goodness Promise based on the values of its founder.

The Shared Goodness Promise was born nearly 125 years ago with Milton Hershey and has grown to be The Hershey Company’s commitment to sustainably grow the business, protect the planet, enrich communities, and provide joy and opportunity to children. From monitoring and enforcing ethical supply chain management to improving childhood wellness through nutrition education and social and emotional learning support, The Hershey Company continually identifies new ways to bring its purpose to life.

To talk about creating lasting change through embedding its purpose, we welcomed Jeff King, Senior Director of Global Sustainability and Social Impact at The Hershey Company, to Purpose 360. Listen for Jeff’s insights on:

  • How The Hershey Company identified where and how it could create more moments of goodness across the supply chain and in its communities.
  • How to use the voice of stakeholders to support and bolster sustainability decisions and strategic directions.
  • Why small sustainability successes are important to build momentum – especially earlier in the journey.
  • How employees are critical to authentic purpose.

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