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Purpose 360 episode 155

Navigating Challenges on the Path to Purpose with PwC

Operating a successful purpose-led company comes with its share of challenges — even to the companies that excel at it. Driving meaningful impact, investing in a sustainable future, and fostering employee engagement all require strategic decision making and often significant internal transformations.

So how are the best companies navigating these challenges? An unwavering commitment and a well-defined strategic approach set purpose-driven champions apart from their peers. At PwC, this is brought to light through “Positive Equation,” the company’s purpose strategy, as well as its values, which are ingrained in day-to-day operations.

We invited Shannon Schuyler, Chief Purpose & Inclusion Officer at PwC, to return to Purpose 360 to speak about the nuances and challenges of maintaining a purpose-driven approach through the lens of her work, challenges, and progress at PwC.

Listen for insights on:

  • Using values as a driving force to support your organization’s purpose
  • How PwC reorganized internally to align with its purpose strategy
  • Engaging employees through their personal purpose
  • Early predictions for 2024

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Business is an unlikely hero: a force for good working to solve society's most pressing challenges, while boosting bottom line. This is social purpose at work. And it's a dynamic journey.

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