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Purpose 360 episode 156

Making “Her Promise” Possible with Organon

What kind of company would you create if you could start from a blank slate?

Despite being spun off from 130+-year-old Merck, Organon had this unique opportunity. The women’s health, biosimilars, and established medicines company started from the beginning, defining a new mission, establishing a board of directors, and unifying their impact around a commitment to the global health of women and girls.

Nearly half of the world’s pregnancies are unintended. Organon is working to change that by ensuring women around the world have the power to decide when and whether they will start a family, enabling them to live their promises. Through the Her Promise Access Initiative, Organon collaborates with organizations in the world’s least developed regions to offer education, training, and affordable contraceptive options. Central to this effort is “Her Plan is Her Power,” which empowers women to manage their reproductive health, reducing unplanned pregnancies and disparities in high-need areas.

We invited Geralyn Ritter, EVP of Corporate Affairs, Sustainability & ESG, to explain how Organon was structured to create meaningful change and empower women to live their promise.

Listen for insights on:

  • How Organon established the most gender diverse Board in the S&P 500
  • Articulate values to influence behavior
  • Expanding internal benefits to be more inclusive of women’s health needs

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