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Protecting Children Across Borders with Save the Children


As we revel in the joy of the holiday season, it’s important to remember that 2.3 billion of the world’s children are ensnared in the harsh realities of conflict, both in distant regions and right within our own communities.

Save the Children stands as a beacon of hope for children worldwide, working to alleviate suffering and build brighter futures for vulnerable young lives. The organization’s work extends across a spectrum of services ranging from healthcare and education to protection, emergency response, policy advocacy, and local empowerment programs.

In 2023, Save the Children has been at the forefront of some of the world’s most pressing conflicts. From providing aid in the aftermath of the Turkey-Syria earthquake to offering support in the war-torn regions of Ukraine and addressing the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza, the organization has demonstrated unwavering commitment to children caught in the crossfires.

We invited Perry Yeatman, Head of Corporate at Save the Children, to speak about the organization’s remarkable century-long impact and how it is forging partnerships to create positive change for the children of the world.

Listen for insights on:

  • Five considerations for companies partnering with an NGO
  • Guidelines for respectful and effective on-the-ground support (in conflict zones)
  • Insights on collecting stories from beneficiaries
  • Moving away from the “savior mentality” in communications

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