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Building a “Future Ready” World with WSP


WSP, a leading engineering advisory and consulting firm, is paving the way to a sustainable and resilient future with its cutting-edge global innovation program, Future Ready. The program analyzes future trends through four lenses—Climate, Society, Technology, and Resources—to shape WSP’s approach to projects. From reviewing the evolving social and cultural norms influencing city design to rethinking resource utilization for a more efficient and sustainable economy, WSP is shaping a world that is not only functional, but sustainable and prosperous.

We invited Alastair (Aly) MacGregor, Senior Vice President and Executive Business Line Leader for Property and Buildings at WSP USA, to speak about his recently released book Future Ready: Your Organization’s Guide to Rethinking Climate, Resilience, and Sustainability. Aly shares insights on how other companies can redesign their sustainability plans to put climate and resiliency at the forefront of strategy and execution.

Listen for insights on:

  • Personalizing brand-specific sustainability initiatives to engage a broad audience
  • Developing and implementing climate resilience strategies
  • Helping stakeholders understand the importance of climate, resiliency, and sustainability

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