Evofem’s “Soul” Purpose is to Improve the Lives of Women Part 1

Pioneering business and bioscience leader Saundra Pelletier embodies resilience and fortitude. Her company, Evofem Biosciences, exists to give women control over their sexual and reproductive health. It’s doing so with a first-of-its-kind hormone free, on-demand prescription birth control gel, Phexxi.

Leading, funding, and scaling a biosciences company is challenging, let along one with an unyielding commitment to social impact at its core. Saundra, who fills the role of CEO, President, and Executive Director, calls Evofem’s sole purpose its “soul” purpose—and that centers on bringing to market products that address unmet needs in women’s reproductive and sexual health. It’s been a challenging road, but one that Saundra has been proud to travel with the growing Evofem team.

Listen for Saundra’s insights on:

  • How social issues and user insights can guide business and product development 
  • Why Evofem put social impact at the center of the business, and how Saundra has evolved and scaled the model, including plans to eventually distribute Phexxi in  the developing world
  • Why focusing on “the little things”—like kindness and thoughtfulness—can make all the difference in building a successful business and empowering employees

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