Purpose Makes Community Possible at US Bank

570 hours per day.

That’s the number of hours US Bank employees volunteered, daily, in their communities last year. US Bank’s 74,000 employees don’t give back just because they have big hearts for helping those around them – giving is a core value at US Bank, driven by purpose and activated through the company’s Community Possible platform.

Reba Dominski, Chief Social Responsibility Officer and President of the US Bank Foundation, joined Purpose 360 to talk about how purpose drives community, economic, and workforce development inside and outside the company. Community Possible, which encompasses giving and community engagement across three pillars—work, home, and play—guides US Bank to achieve business and societal goals, driven by data and an ethos to “Make possible happen.”

In this episode, Reba shares insights on how purpose helps US Bank:

  • empower employees to make decisions that are good for business, people, and planet;
  • develop fair and responsible products that create economic opportunity for all;
  • create a meaningful community presence through projects like the US Bank Pullman Community Center on Chicago’s south side.

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