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Purpose 360 episode 124: Shannon Schuyler from PwC

Reimagining the Possible with PwC and Shannon Schuyler

Meet Shannon Schuyler

“We are about our people, but we are a people business. That’s what we do. We don’t sell widgets. We are people and people have changed. What people desire has changed over the course of time. We have needed to dig into that to have an appreciation of what people wanted and the way in which they worked. And the motivations for working a hundred years ago are different than they are now.”

Shannon Schuyler, PwC’s U.S. Chief Purpose and Inclusion Officer, leads the professional services firm’s efforts to deliver and embed purpose throughout culture and operations. Her work enables employees to be stewards of organizational purpose and embrace social transformation both internally and externally through coalitions and skills development.

We invited Schuyler to share how PwC has aligned its purpose with all 295,000 employees to upskill talent for a global, digital economy; engage authentically with social issues; and have honest conversations about inclusion and diversity.

Listen for Shannon’s insights on:

  • How PwC approaches each employee as an individual when it comes to their purpose, experiences, background, and skills.
  • How PwC is building trust with stakeholders, clients, and society to deliver sustained outcomes through the New Equation strategy.
  • How to collaborate with competitors in order to address industry-wide issues while amplifying societal impact.
  • How PwC changed the way it approached topics of diversity and inclusion.

Resources + Links:

  • (00:00) – Welcome to Purpose 360
  • (00:14) – Shannon Schuyler
  • (04:45) – Shannon’s Backstory
  • (10:05) – Shannon’s Department
  • (11:51) – Adding the DE&I Role
  • (12:38) – Learning Constantly
  • (13:17) – Embedding Purpose
  • (16:51) – Creating the Purpose Assessment
  • (20:17) – The Catalyst
  • (22:15) – The New Equation
  • (26:47) – Key Advice
  • (28:55) – The Numbers
  • (31:43) – New World New Skills Program
  • (33:51) – CEO Action Commitment
  • (37:13) – Recommendations
  • (38:40) – Measurement
  • (41:32) – What Issues to Focus On
  • (43:00) – Social Issues
  • (44:57) – Empathy and Resources
  • (48:48) – Insights
  • (52:21) – Wrap Up

Business is an unlikely hero: a force for good working to solve society’s most pressing challenges, while boosting bottom line. This is social purpose at work. And it’s a dynamic journey.

Purpose 360 is a masterclass in unlocking the potential of social purpose to ignite business and social impact. We illuminate the growing impacts of purpose, from engaging employees and fostering deeper consumer loyalty to inspiring product innovation and increasing market share.

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