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Purpose 360: Alan Murray part 1

Searching for the Soul of Business with Alan Murray: Part 1

For some, purpose’s integral role in business is a newer conversation topic. But others have seen the power of purpose for decades, including company founders like Ray Anderson, pioneers like host Carol Cone, and business journalists like Alan Murray.

Alan Murray has a unique perspective of the purpose movement. While Ray strategically aligned Interface with environmental commitments and Carol advises and supports companies in establishing purpose-based commitments, Alan followed CEOs from nescience to enlightenment to implementation. In his new book, Tomorrow’s Capitalist: My Search for the Soul of Business, Alan reveals how he observed corporate CEOs recognize the significance of human-centered sustainability – not just so their companies could continue to operate, but so they would thrive.

We invited Alan Murray, CEO of Fortune Media, to discuss Tomorrow’s Capitalist, his experience with the widespread cynicism of the broader public when it comes to businesses and purpose, and how companies can have both a soul and a future.

Listen for Alan’s insights on:

  • How leadership must change for there to be strategic, long-term success in human-centered business.
  • What should guide CEOs when deciding whether and how to advocate for an issue or defend an action.
  • How to effectively amplify communications in today’s snackable, hard-to-get-anybody’s-attention media landscape.
  • The three areas all CEOs and leaders need to think about when looking to the future of human-centered business.

Links & Notes


  • (00:00) – Welcome to Purpose 360
  • (00:13) – Alan Murray
  • (02:30) – Alan’s Podcast
  • (03:10) – Business’s Soul
  • (03:37) – Alan’s Background
  • (06:02) – Tomorrow’s Capitalist
  • (11:20) – The Soul of Business
  • (17:09) – Meeting in the Vatican
  • (23:49) – Tipping Points
  • (27:15) – Larry Fink’s Role
  • (29:06) – Just Capital’s Role
  • (32:21) – Accelerating the Shift
  • (33:29) – Returns to People, Not Shareholders
  • (35:24) – What He Learned From His Parents
  • (38:20) – Part II Next Week

Business is an unlikely hero: a force for good working to solve society’s most pressing challenges, while boosting bottom line. This is social purpose at work. And it’s a dynamic journey.

Purpose 360 is a masterclass in unlocking the potential of social purpose to ignite business and social impact. We illuminate the growing impacts of purpose, from engaging employees and fostering deeper consumer loyalty to inspiring product innovation and increasing market share.