The Next Reel Saturday Matinée

2017-08-26 • Saturday Matinée

August 28, 2017

Happy weekend everyone! If you haven’t seen The Joe Show, apropos of nothing, this might be a good weekend to check it out on Amazon; Steve reports Wind River is solid; Andy has Intolerance on blu-ray, and Pete’s talking about The Defenders; and this week on The List were celebrating Star Trek: The Voyage Home with our selection of favorite animal rescues!

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2017-08-19 • Saturday Matinée

August 21, 2017

Happy weekend everyone! The Eclipse Cometh; turns out Logan Lucky is better than it’s box office would suggest this weekend according to our own Once and Future King Steve Sarmento; Andy just finished reading Ready Player One so we can finally dig into the trailer, and Pete’s talking about Peter Dinklage’s new Brainstorm/Strange Days mash-up, Rememory; and this week on The List we’re celebrating Star Trek: The Search for Spock with our selection of favorite sci-fi reincarnations!

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2017-08-12 • Saturday Matinée

August 14, 2017

This week, Star Trek Discovery appears to continue the journey … of legal wrangling and fan discontent. At least Nicholas Meyer is working on a new Star Trek series… wait… what’s that again?!? There’s more listener feedback from Slack on Valerian; Andy talks about his Mother issues and Pete heads back to Bushwick; and, as it turns out, you peg your jeans.

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2017-08-05 – Saturday Matinée

August 7, 2017

Happy Saturday, movie lovers. We’re trying something new today! If you’ve ever found yourself looking for even more talk about trailers, and budgets, and random things we’ve seen, we’re going to try and answer that call with this new Saturday show just for you. We rolled the dice this morning, just Pete and Andy, but we’re looking forward to a rotating circus of contributors to make your Saturday mornings more complete.

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