2019-01-12 • Saturday Matinée

Ed. — Sorry for the delay this week folks. To our Melbourne friends, enjoy your Sunday Matinée. 

Pete has a sick-week report that includes a Dax Sheppard classic. We talk about the Globes and our performance in picking winners. We have a seriously brilliant idea for a new cereal line, plus a new Next Reel show launched this week! And of course, our list of films by our favorite actors directing. 


– Andy’s Trailer: Polar (Polar Comic)

– Steve’s Trailer: Velvet Buzzsaw

– Pete’s Trailer: IO


Actors directing.

Andy’s List

That Thing You Do — Tom Hanks

Ordinary People — Robert Redford

Eve’s Bayou — Kasi Lemon

Steve’s List

Garden State — Zach Braff

Bob Roberts — Tim Robbins

Little Man Tate — Jodi Foster

Pete’s List

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty — Ben Stiller

Good Night, and Good Luck — George Clooney

Iron Man — Jon Favreau