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Buzzed and Confused: How The Fly became a Classic Horror Icon

Hey there, horror fans! We’re back in the basement where we’re talking all things The Fly. How did this underdog of a movie become such a success? And seriously, how does a movie about a man turning into a fly work so well on the screen? 

We’re taking a trip back in time to the 1950s when paranoia and fear were all the rage after the A-bomb and World War II. We’re also exploring the 1980s when Reagan and the AIDS epidemic were in full swing. Let’s just say the political and cultural context of each era definitely influenced the movies. We’re digging into performances like Patricia Owens’ impressive work despite having an insect phobia while filming, Jeff Goldblum’s iconic turn as Seth Brundle, and Eric Stoltz’s weirdly on-brand turn in The Fly II.

David Cronenberg’s direction made the movie his own, and we’re discussing how the creature design worked in each film. Plus, did you know that The Fly (1958) was actually in color? We fully Mandella’d ourselves. It’s weird, y’all. There be color here. 

Join us for a discussion about the compatibility of horror and sci-fi and why The Fly continues to give us chills even after all these years.

Curious to check out the short story that started it all? Check it out here!

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