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Frankenstein Lives!

Frankenstein is one of our own Ray DeLancey’s favorite classic monsters. And as our resident scholar, he jumps to the front of the class to take Pete Wright and Kyle Olson to school.

We start with Edison’s own “Frankenstein,” the first cinematic adaptation from 1910, which you can watch yourself right now on YouTube here. Don’t worry; it’s not even 15 minutes long.

From there, we head to 1931 and 1935 and dive into Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein. If you’ve never seen them, we recommend you take them back-to-back; they’re short and indeed do screen as two small parts of a greater whole.

This brings us Karloff, the standard bearer of the monster icon, and he’s fantastic. But Ray has the goods on what it took the man to create the monster on screen. It involves dental implants. Not kidding.

What about later installations of the monster on film? Fear not! We’ll be back with more later this in this SitD season. Thanks for listening, and if you know any horror or classic monster fans who might appreciate it, we hope you’ll pass the show along!

Check out the watchlist over on Letterboxd here!

A podcast exploring horror in film across classics and subgenres with Kyle Olson, Tommy Metz, Kynan Dias, Pete Wright, and more.
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