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Ms. Marvel and Representation

Joining me today to delve into the significance of Ms. Marvel on representation are Stranded Panda regulars Emily Cissell and Zuhair Ali.

Zuhair Ali is a co-host on the Animation Deliberation Podcast, which is dedicated to discussing and celebrating the best action-focused animated series, cartoons, and films. You can tune into their vibrant discussions here: Animation Deliberation.

Emily Cissell, also known as a real-life superhero, is a middle school social studies teacher with a deep appreciation for Captain Marvel, Loki, and her dog Hemingway. Emily hosts the podcast “Emily Cissell Asks…What If?”, where she takes listeners on a journey through alternate sports history. Engage with her unique perspectives on historical sporting events here: Emily Cissell Asks…What If?.

Furthermore, Emily is a contributor to the 323 Network Podcasts, engaging in conversations on sports, pop culture, and everyday life on “The 323 with Reid Murphy.” Listen to their latest discussions here: The 323 with Reid Murphy.

For more insights and updates from Emily, follow her on social media:

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