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Thor: Love and Thunder Thoughts

Joining me today is Andy Nelson from The Next Reel and Marvel Movie Minute to dissect Thor: Love & Thunder. We delve into the film’s thought-provoking themes, the narrative opportunities it presented, and why our reactions to the film diverged.

Andy’s journey in podcasting began over a decade ago, leading him to co-found TruStory FM where he explores his lifelong zeal for storytelling through various podcasts. As a veteran of film, television, and commercial production with over 25 years of experience, Andy has contributed to a diverse array of projects, from indie features and documentaries to television series.

A University of Colorado at Boulder film alumnus, Andy’s storytelling ambitions have seen him through roles as a writer, director, and producer. His credits include work on films such as Netherbeast Incorporated and Ambush at Dark Canyon, as well as teaching screenwriting and editing. His documentary work includes titles like The Imposter and The Joe Show, and he has contributed to TV series including “Deadly Dentists” on Investigation Discovery and Nat Geo’s “Inside the Hunt for the Boston Bombers.”

A devoted family man with a penchant for a finely crafted martini, a refreshing beer, or a comforting coffee, Andy’s ultimate passion always circles back to a great film.

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