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Spring Cleaning your Technology

You use the seasons as triggers to clean and organize your home, right? So why don’t you do the same with your tech? Phones, computers, tablets, and online identities all require regular upkeep to keep humming along properly, too! This week on the show, Pete Wright and Nikki Kinzer share tools and tips for spring cleaning your technology. Listen in!

Pete’s Notes


  1. BACKUP!
  2. PASSWORDS! (1Password, LastPass)
  3. Actually clean your stuff. Keyboards are filthy.
    1. Compressed Air
    2. LCD Cleaner
    3. Microfiber cloth
    4. Distilled water if you need it. Consider supplies that are targeted for cleaning camera lenses/sensors for cleaning screens.


  1. Perform all your system and software updates. Set aside the time and do it all at once. Restart as many times as it takes.
  2. CleanMyMac/CleanMyPC — MacPaw (Disk Cleanup for Windows)
  3. Empty your Downloads folder
  4. Hardware upgrades: More RAM, and Consider an SSD!
  5. Cable Management: Velcro Cable Wraps!


  1. Sign out of all your profiles. Search yourself. Happy with your results? If not, start deleting!
  2. Delete all accounts and profiles you don’t use. No more zombie profiles! Makes the world a better place. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+…
  3. Review privacy/sharing settings
  4. Review App Access: apps that use Facebook/Twitter to log in to other services.
  5. Backup Social Archives: Twitter/Facebook


  1. Delete unused apps. Move them to another screen and only allow those you touch to be on home screen. Delete those you don’t actually use.
  2. Sync photos to your computer. Resync photos you want to carry back to your phone. Saves Space!
  3. Clean your music: Consider streaming service, iTunes Match, Spotify, Beats Music.
  4. Battery: Turn off services you don’t use. Wi-Fi versus Cellular challenge
  5. Reinstall system from scratch. Applies not just to mobiles, but computers too.
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