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Explore Creative Tools to Beat ADHD Stress

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If you browse the ADHD circles on social media, it won’t take long to find an inspirational meme describing how one of the many superpowers of those with ADHD is that they are generally more creative than those without. The problem is, according to research, there’s no established connection between those who live with ADHD and higher than average creative impulses. It’s just not there. That’s because, as a spectrum disorder, ADHD impacts people differently depending on their individual characteristics. You might be more creative. You might not be creative at all. 

But that’s not to say that exploring the tools of the arts won’t help to inspire you, relax you, or even stimulate you, even if you don’t find you have much natural talent! This week, we’re talking all about Pete’s favorite digital tools to make art, music, and video that anyone can do on the cheap (in most cases), and just might help you uncover your next great gift!

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